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0000001Core GameGeneralpublic2021-02-01 17:48
ReporterMrLukeKR Assigned ToMrLukeKR  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
OSWindows 10 
Product Version0.2 
Summary0000001: SyncList message history contains only server host messages
DescriptionThe SyncList method of storing chat messages on the server allows users to download the current state of the message log from the server when joining a lobby. However, when leaving an existing lobby and re-joining, only the server host's messages are retrieved from the server. Due to the server host's UI not being changed by this, it appears that the message log is complete on the server-side, however, the underlying SyncList may not be complete.
Steps To ReproduceOn one machine,
1. Host a game
2. Send some chat messages

On another machine:
1. Join the game via Steam
2. Send some chat messages
3. Back out of the lobby
4. Rejoin the game via Steam
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2021-02-01 17:36 MrLukeKR New Issue
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